Greetings. I'm Peter Ford — a graphic designer from Sydney with strengths in UI/UX, web design, and icon design. I help elevate brands and captivate audiences in ways that endure.

If you catch yourself reflecting upon the pithy nature of the previous sentence and concluding that it all sounds a little abstract, I both understand and sympathise. In my defense, you must know that convention compels me to encapsulate my essence with few words and much affectation. By and large, it’s no mean feat to communicate a lot with a little, to do so compellingly, and to bypass criticism in the process—the latter being arguably beyond reach!

Such sentiment is mirrored in design practice and finds expression in quintessential mantras such as less is more. Thankfully, I’m loath to inundate you with aphorisms so I’ll settle for the one—because after all, less is more.

I am circumspect, analytical, and diligent in my approach to design, and have a peculiar aptitude for anticipating the unanticipated and applying the polish to designs. I frequent the precarious bridge spanning idea and execution. Now why didn’t I think to use that as my pithy introduction?