Get Healthy Service

Get Healthy NSW aspired not only to generate new registrants but to better engage and retain their existing program participants.

Web, UI, UX, Icons, Responsive

I designed the Get Healthy NSW website in 2013 during my tenure as Lead Designer for Solutions Outsourced. The project began with the redesign of the fundamental structure and style of the website with most attention given to the homepage. Progressive enhancements to other core sections have been delivered since and more is scheduled to be released.

GHS sought to better inform their audience since many had expressed that the finer details of the program were not immediately apparent. One approach we took to alleviate this problem was the inclusion of an interactive page which focuses specifically on the program itself and what it entails: My Journey.

The homepage is composed in such a way so as to assist with movement throughout the page and to ensure content is not easily overlooked. This was to done to address concerns for the specific target audience with regard to accessibility and content visibility. The UI/UX approach for the My Journey section of the site was also heavily influenced by this consideration.