Reform Management sought to enhance their online shopping experience and to accentuate the long-term savings they'd steadily secured for their customers.

Web, Branding, UI, UX, E-commerce, Responsive

I designed Reform's website in 2014 during my tenure as Lead Designer for Solutions Outsourced. The project called upon my skills in UI/UX and graphic design for web with an e-commerce focus.

Emphasis was placed upon the Product List and Cart Page since these pages needed to cater for the following specific scenarios not typically found on your average e-commerce website: prices dependent upon membership status, unit and bulk prices, and products grouped by supplier in the cart. These facets of the website posed a threat to the simplicity and intuitiveness of the user interface and had to be approached and delivered with careful consideration for the user.

The company's previous identity was indistinct and underdeveloped so we used the website redesign as an opportunity to breathe new life into the brand in the form of a new colour palette and modern typeface selections.